Rex Stromness Yoga Chico

Vinyasa Yoga Instructor / Trained Massage Therapist


About the Practice

Rex has practiced yoga for 35 years and has been teaching for the last 15. His style is rooted in Vinyasa, where movement and breath are aligned. He has a strong focus on proper alignment, body mechanics, and deep inward focus. Classes with Rex are founded on the calming and focusing of the mind with attention to mindful breathing. His sequences of poses, gentle create the ideal environment for your practice.

After taking a yoga class with Rex, you will feel a balanced sense of
well-being and light-heartedness.



The essence of yoga is about quieting, calming, and focusing the mind. With training in both styles of zen and vipassana, meditation is an important pillar of Rex's yoga classes and he takes care to incorporate it into all of his classes.


Rex has been primary influenced by two styles of Ashtanga Yoga: by the late Pattabi Jois of Mysore, India and of Patanjali's Yoga Sutra, written in 200 A.D. Ashtanga is known for its physically vigorous linking of poses in a seamless sequence with breath, attention to alignment, gaze alignment, and bandhas.

Beyond Ashtanga, Rex also draws from the proper alignment, body mechanics, and therapeutic possibilities of Iyengar Yoga and has been trained in Sivananda and Tri Yoga.


While drawing from the Ashtanga series, Rex creatively adds his own unique approach to poses and sequencing.